Student Senate’s Student Rights Committee passed a bill that would remove any reference of the Multicultural Student Government from its rules and regulations during a meeting on Aug. 28. 

The bill, introduced by Student Body Vice President Seth Wingerter, would no longer let MSG appoint any positions on Senate boards and committees. Rather, those positions would be eliminated, or appointed by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the student body president, or the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. 

Appointment to those committees or boards by the Student Body President would be to “specifically represent marginalized students,” according to the bill.

“[Multicultural Student Government] isn’t really functioning anymore, so this is just eliminating references of the Multicultural Student Government,” Wingerter said during the meeting. “And usually those are accompanied by some sort of appointee, so most of these appointees just got reapportioned.”

The Kansan reached out to former MSG president Constanza Castro, but Castro, who graduated in the spring, said she could no longer comment on behalf of MSG.

Castro said she was not aware whether a new executive board had been elected for MSG. The officer list on Rock Chalk Central had not been updated at the time of publication.

"I think that if the student body has determined that that is no longer necessary, then that is the decision of the student body," Castro said. "MSG was born out of students' desire to have it and so if students have made the determination that that desire is not there any longer, then I respect that decision."

The bill made changes to 17 boards and committees, like the Student Legislative Action Committee and the Athletics Sports Advisory Board.

MSG was created in 2016 specifically to represent multicultural and marginalized students. It first gained funding through required campus fees in 2017 after their proposal for a $2 fee per student was vetoed in the year prior by then-Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little. 

In 2018, MSG was nearing dissolution after a year of internal issues. 

The bill will be presented to the full Senate on Sept. 4 for a final vote.

MSG bill

A bill removes any reference of MSG from Student Senate's Rules and Regulations in Senate's Student Rights Committee on Aug. 28.