storming mass

Students storming Massachusetts Street damaged the awning above Acme T-Shirt Store located at 847 Massachusetts Street.

Two people were arrested for felony damage to property on Massachusetts Street following a celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win Sunday, Feb. 2.

Students stormed Massachusetts Street Sunday night after the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. There was damage to traffic lights at the intersection of 9th and Massachusetts, Lawrence Police Department spokesman Patrick Compton said in an email to the Kansan.

storming mass

After students stormed Massachusetts Street following the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, traffic lights at the intersection of 9th and Massachusetts were damaged.

ACME T-shirt Shop at 847 Massachusetts St. was damaged after people climbed atop the store’s awning.

Compton said one person was cited for tampering with a traffic control device off of Massachusetts Street.

“Massachusetts Street saw a large, but relatively peaceful Super Bowl victory celebration,” Compton said in the email.

LPD increased their presence downtown during the celebration Compton said, but the crowd was cooperative and peaceful.