i70 vehicle fire

A vehicle caught fire on Interstate 70 Sunday afternoon. Emergency vehicles reported to the scene.

UPDATE: The drivers pulled to the side of the road when the car began spewing smoke caused by a mechanical issue, said master trooper Peter Huntington of the Kansas Highway Patrol. The drivers got away from the car before the fire engulfed it, and no injuries occurred.


A vehicle caught on fire on Interstate 70 two miles east of Lecompton, according to a tweet from Kansas Turnpike Sunday afternoon. 

A representative from Kansas Turnpike said the vehicle, a gray Dodge Pacifica, was engulfed in flames. There was no known time of the incident. 

Drivers saw a large cloud of black smoke as they headed eastbound on the interstate. 

Kansas Turnpike said it was a single vehicle that caught on fire, and it wasn’t an accident.

Authorities are currently investigating the vehicle fire. 

This is a developing story. It will be updated as information is made available.