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Letter from the editor: CHALK wants to meet your needs

Moving forward, CHALK hopes to publish content that will help you navigate through the uncertain time caused by COVID-19 as well as stories that will distract you from it.  Read more



How it feels to watch your car explode

Maddie Theisen as told to Grant Heiman

At the end of her sophomore year, University of Kansas senior Maddie Theisen was driving home to Minnesota for the summer when she got lost somewhere in Missouri, and wound up in an accident that caused her car to explode. Read more



Chilling at home: Student social distancing vlogs

Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre | @ChalkMagazine

Students describe the impact the coronavirus and social distancing have had on their lives so far.  Read more


4 productive ways to avoid boredom at home while social distancing

You don't have to be productive during quarantine. But if you have some extra time and you don't know how to use it, try these productive activities.  Read more


I paint my nudes

Chalk reporter Nichola McDowell opens up about anorexia and how painting brought her back to a healthy mindset. Read more