An illustrated eye shadow palette and blending brush with a text bubble that reads 'quarantine, who dis?'

Opinion columnist Audrey Kesler encourages you to change your look during quarantine. 


You’re sitting at home bored out of your mind. You already finished that 1,000-piece puzzle, you have painted so much you have too many Mother's Day gifts, and you have baked everything imaginable.

You think to yourself, "This is a perfect time to try out that new cut crease look" or, "to color my hair red," or, "to try on that new dress I bought a month ago." Well, you’re right. It is the perfect time.

I decided to style some outfits I would have worn during the second half of our semester. I purchased some clothing on Shein, that I knew I didn’t need, but what better time to online shop? I got some flowy, wide-legged pants and some basic tops. One of which is an off-the-shoulder tank top that has been perfect for lounging around the house sitting outside in the nice weather. 

The simplicity of getting ready every day and wearing fun outfits around the house has boosted my mood. It makes my days seem a little more normal, something I've struggled with in transitioning to life at home. So go put on that cute dress you wanted to wear this semester, and strut your stuff.

Makeup is another outlet I have used to keep busy. I have always wanted to blend eyeshadow like a real makeup artist, so I looked up tutorials and tried different techniques for beginners. I am still working on my skills, but so far I've improved. I have also been experimenting with different winged eyeliner looks, and I found a new go-to technique. 

I don't do my makeup like this every day because I am very lazy. However, I try to do fun makeup looks for Zoom calls with my friend or for "happy hour" with my parents. We all deserve to do what makes us feel pretty — or keeps us busy. 

My last quarantine beauty activity is to mess with your hair. What a good time to experiment with looks and hairstyles you haven’t had the time to try. A couple days ago, I tinted my hair pink with a semi-permanent ink, and I love it! It gave me something to do and improved my mood. It even encouraged me to purchase more semi-permanent hair dyes, because who cares! If it's ugly, no one will see you. But if it’s good, you can show it off on social media!

I suggest semi-permanent hair coloring to avoid committing to a total hair color change because believe me, it is scary. If you have the urge, I say full send it!

Big picture: It’s your body, your face and your hair. You are allowed to do what you want with it, so why not experiment during quarantine?

Audrey Kesler is a sophomore from Prairie Village studying strategic communications. 

—Edited by Cami Koons