An illustrated broken heart sprouts a little plant in a clear sky as roots fill the ground underneath

Opinion columnist Wyatt Hall encourages readers to get back on their feet after a breakup and take time for personal reflection and self improvement. 


Breakups suck.

Many of us have been through at least one or two in our lives, and they’re never pretty. Feelings are hurt, conflicts arise and trust is broken. But breakups also provide you with an important opportunity to reevaluate and improve yourself.

Oftentimes the first thing your brain tells you to do after a breakup is to lash out at others, but you have to remember that only brings out the worst in you. You’ll likely just create bad habits through being angry and let those feelings overtake you.

Instead, try to take the good experiences that you had together and keep those as nice memories as you look forward to the future. 

Take this chance to take a step back and really look at yourself. Nobody’s perfect, so what are the things you want to improve about yourself?

You can really use that newfound free time you used to spend with them for something productive. Go to the gym, and get in shape. Pick up an instrument that interests you, or pursue that hobby you’ve always wanted to try. We tend to have things in mind that we want to do that we never get around to. Use this as an opportunity to get around to it.

And try to go out and have some fun while you’re at it. Sitting around and wallowing in sadness does nothing but make you even sadder.

All I’m saying is the best way to move on is to actually move on. I know it sucks, I really do, but don’t linger on it. It’s so much better looking forward and making positive changes. Don’t focus on those dark and negative feelings, focus on what you can do to be more satisfied with yourself.

Because who knows, maybe your next relationship will be even more fulfilling when you’re happy and confident in yourself.

Wyatt Hall is a sophomore from Bonner Springs studying business analytics.