Opinion columnist Haley Czuma encourages students to find their place in Lawrence by digging beyond its surface. Czuma gives suggestions of the gems she's found during her time at the University of Kansas. 

Opinion Editor Sarah Grindstaff explains the concept of Hoodie-Hoo Day and encourages students to celebrate the unconventional holiday as a way to soak up some sun in this long, harsh winter. 

Opinion columnist Jamie Hawley discusses the Iowa Democratic caucus and urges readers to pay attention to local politics in order to prevent future mistakes. 

Opinion columnist Brett Knepper describes the often forgotten and unique benefits of scheduling buffer classes that allow students to take time away from required coursework. 

Opinion columnist Keisha Lopes argues that if Democrats elect Bernie Sanders as the nominee, the political climate of the United States will only become even more polarized.

Ask Aroog is a monthly advice column for University of Kansas students to ask columnist Aroog Khaliq for advice on love, life and relationships. This week, Aroog writes about looking for the right one, even when you can't seem to find them. Loving yourself for who you are right now is what is truly important. 

Opinion columnist Archana Ramakrishnan encourages people to step away from their busy schedules to enjoy the psychological benefits of nature. She argues that a five-minute walk can positively affect your mind and body, and will be well worth the cold. 

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