Opinion columnist Brett Knepper argues that the University of Kansas should refund dining and housing for students no longer living at the University because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Opinion columnist Savannah Glaves suggests students pick up simulation video games while passing time in quarantine. 

Opinion columnist Jeffrey Birch discusses artificial shortages amid the coronavirus outbreak, and he encourages readers to prevent panic by discerning between what they think they need and what they actually need. 

Opinion Editor Sarah Grindstaff shares her satirical opinion with prospective Study Abroad students on why they should choose to travel to Russia.

Opinion columnist Savannah Glaves argues that we should listen to foreign music to increase global awareness and become prepared for future careers.

Opinion columnist Haley Czuma urges students to not wait until a few weeks before spring break to focus on exercise and health, but instead they should prioritize it year round.

Opinion columnist Haley Czuma encourages students to find their place in Lawrence by digging beyond its surface. Czuma gives suggestions of the gems she's found during her time at the University of Kansas. 

Opinion Editor Sarah Grindstaff explains the concept of Hoodie-Hoo Day and encourages students to celebrate the unconventional holiday as a way to soak up some sun in this long, harsh winter. 

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