FFA 2018 Illustration

FFA of the Day: “I just drank a whole bottle of Moscato by myself and I can only describe how I feel right now as ‘gentle chaos’”

“if you don’t have a home-grown organic taser, store-bought is fine"

“I just blacked out while five comedians made jokes about me”

“Always a good time when your high school catches on fire”

“stop eating that bagel and look me in the eyes”

“i don’t know the politics of zombies”

“lowercase that bitch”

“sinkholes: the silent killer”

“Imagine getting cucked by an emu”

“We could do a prank like where we shank each other”

“my superpower is getting a 69 on an exam every finals week”

“stardew valley is all i have now”

“in this world it’s yeet or get yeeten”