FFA 2019


FFA of the day: “Tinder is just human Pokémon cards”
“I don’t think this Pokémon understands how drunk I am right now”

“Honestly God seems like a cop”

“How are there 50 states? There’s no more than 20 max”
“You look too good not to hit the Hawk tonight”
“Wait. Do you guys remember my political debate in the boom boom room?”
Nothing is sadder than waiting in line for the boom boom room only for them to close it before you get in because “there’s not enough people”
“KU parking is fascist”
I can’t believe McLain's charges $1.65 for oat milk and I fall for it every day
“Peace, love and crab”
“You have to love yourself... and that’s a lot of work.”
“This whole semester’s been a fever dream”
"It's pineapple rain."
"I'm too chaotic and I'm sorry"
"Search for ur Barack"
I had an online test today in my ethics class and there was really nothing to keep us from cheating on our laptops other than the fact that it’s literally ethics class
Rudolph W. Giuliani has the same energy as Charles E. Cheese
“It must be wild being a white man and not being able to process emotions.”
“No one has ever said let’s go to Vermont willingly”
“You just can’t stop stupid”