FFA 2019


FFA of the day: mason ramsey could get into the hawk
“Stop acting like the end of the world is bad”
still thinking about how i saw my cousin out last night and she pretended not to know who i was
“he just gave me like, Forrest Gump vibes”
“all girls are pretty and there’s like three cute boys”
Taylor Swift is my Fox News. No person nor any facts or logic could ever make me question her
A kid zombie: “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?”
"To be honest, I'm not feeling very cash money today"
“Is this the chlamydia beat?”
might frick around and become dependent on adderall
"why were you listening to Rack City in grade school?"
“genuinely in the mood to just vomit”
"yet squared equals yeet"
"it's past 10 pm, I now only speak in Vine references"
“That serotonin would’ve carried me to thanksgiving”
one time i went to the hawk with tonsillitis. it honestly was hype until the next morning.
"Drunk girls are so magical and also they are prophets"
"I wanna commit graffiti"
"she's a pisces so of course she's anxious"