FFA 2019


FFA of the day: It was a shortened week and it still was hell

"you can have a gun on campus but I can't vape on campus? Somebody else can kill me but I can't kill myself?"

"That’s not a social interaction, that’s a quesadilla"

"Taking off your bra when you’re high really just hits different"
"My heart says pumpkin spice but the weather says margaritas"
"He knows how to twerk. That’s next level shit."

"Why are you choking me? Are you horny?"

"if you find a birth simulator you HAVE to tell me"

"I don't have my birth certificate... who's to say I was even born"

"Babies love to sucky suck"

"children sound just like Sims"

"If I die of alcohol poisoning just know it was Trubisky’s fault"

"I don't wanna be that girl that ends up on Barstool"

"I’m 22 years old, let me black out in peace"
"Research gets funnier as you drink"
"I will die in The Wheel"
"good morning especially to the man who let me into the hawk last night just bc i offered him my juul"
"chemical pneumonia sounds scary so i'll just... keep smoking cigarettes"
sniffs "that's coke"
“I’ve babysat a lot of people while doing shrooms.”
"What’s an ass owl"