FFA 2019


FFA of the day: “We’re all gonna die and also autumn is happening”
“Was that sorority girls or coyotes?”
"Chickens are mean little bitches"
“I feel like men don’t think about the fact that I might have, like... preferences”
“I hope you have your breasts ready”
“Have you ever purposely kicked the ball at a kids head?”
“It turns out I don’t know as much about women as I thought”
Purses are just pockets with extension cords
Back in high school people said I look like Rango
“maybe before I start submitting internship applications I should clean up my emotional trauma on Twitter”
I once got banned from club penguin for calling someone an alcoholic
“Lord Voldemort did nothing wrong.”
People who talk in the quiet section of the library don’t deserve human rights
Why do I feel 10 times more professional when I'm carrying a newspaper
Purses are just pockets with extension cords
"I'll just empty out all the towels and pour the excess juice on myself"
"Don't call the police, call Jimmy John's!"