FFA 2019


FFA of the day: “What’s the word for a gold digger but for streaming services”

I've been back 2 hours and already am ready to jump out a 4th floor wescoe window

"My mother would murder me if I married you for a meme"

"I'm only interested in white trash beer"

“One time I accidentally walked to Mexico”

can men stop being trash i can’t afford this much tequila

"I was thinking about this last night: reincarnation." 

“There are 6.5 people in Finland” 

“Are they talking about friendship? This is like My Little Pony but worse”

“I would say that I’m buying you a drink but that’s not gonna happen.”

“Either way it’s incest”

“His dick game was weak because he was on antidepressants”

“The cocaine really hinders your appetite”

“Bff and gff... is that what they call it when you’re married?”

“It feels like I just shoved a whole carrot down my throat”

about to say screw it all and do this blackboard exam on my phone in bed

“That reminds me of an orgy party I accidentally went to”