FFA 2019


FFA of the day: “You know a two month old song about Kylie Jenner, but you don’t know who Bill Self is?”

“What are you studying?” “I’m studying life.”
i can't believe i was in love with a cocaine dealer for five minutes
“Somebody out there has sex to a marching band”
real legends file their FAFSA
Do you ever procrastinate so hard you rearrange your whole living room instead of doing homework
all the boys in this class sound like muppets
"I always laugh to myself when I write analytics because it starts with anal"
"He's like if a frat boy was born in a monastery. Some people are just born frat boys"
“you’re too ugly for new york”
"Yeah, it's raining. I look like a wet cat."
It can't be worse than a blended up gas station burrito
“We’ve met before, you weren’t wearing a shirt”
"I was studying in the engineering building yesterday and shit was wild. Like, they learn real stuff."
"I just got more piping hot tea on the Cuban Revolution"
CVS minute clinic honestly slaps
"Dude, idk what a thesis is"
“Travis Scott sounds like a white country singer”
“I’d like to vocally apologize for eating”
“Your body is telling you to cry. Cry bitch.”