FFA 2019


FFA of the day: The entire 4th floor of Templin has a tinder profile for one giant orgy

i'm listening to these guys gossip about how they got arrested for running on the football field

I feel like saying “group orgy” is redundant but maybe that’s just me

not to be dramatic but i get really emotional when i think abt grilled cheese

"I dont wanna live in a world where icarly is irrelevant"

"I got a concussion the day before I took the SAT"

"i'm allergic to my mascara and it's making me cry"

"girls make me laugh sometimes"
"i am the level of petty that emails my professor for one point back on assignment just because i know i’m right"
"sup elijah"
"I'm so sweaty that my skinny jeans won't come off"
“Literally no one likes old people unless it’s their own grandparents”
"i'm a french prostitute"
"I guess it's okay that I didn't do the readings because it won't matter in 50 years"
"Let's put a guy in a squirrel costume. The young people will get that"
"if you've watched Jurassic Park, you know what a GMO is"