A bouquet of roses and several teddy bears sit on a counter

Opinion columnist Audrey Kesler presents alternative activities for singles to do on Valentines Day — and ones to avoid at all costs. 


“Be Mine,” “Crazy 4U,” “XOXO” — we have heard them all. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Valentine's Day, and to all you single people out there, this one's for you. I am going to give you some advice on some Do’s and Don'ts of being single on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get started!

DO spoil yourself, buy yourself your favorite meal. Chipotle? Burger Stand? Ramen Bowls? Whatever the hell you want. Or even a latte and a pastry from your favorite coffee shop. Or even a Crunchy Chicken Cheddar Wrap. Give yourself a good meal that’ll make your day a little more special.

DON’T go to an overpriced Italian restaurant or a semi-decent Hibachi restaurant. Let’s face it, we are college students. Do we really need to spend money on places that are just OK? We have more important things to spend our money on, like groceries, school, gas, alcohol, etc. But for today, you should get yourself your favorite meal because you’re worth every penny. 

DO eat some chocolate. I don’t care if it’s milk, dark, white, Dove, or Hershey’s — just treat yourself. Even if it’s Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, rich brownies or even ice cream. Eat something sweet to make your day a little sweeter.

DON’T eat chocolate by yourself all night and watch "The Notebook." Also, just don’t watch "The Notebook." Why watch a movie when you can make the best of the night and let yourself have some sugary, delicious treats and then be around fun people that bring good vibes.

DO go out with your friends instead of staying in for the night. Have a good time just dancing and being around people who you love to be around. Let your friends hype you up, get a drink in your hand, and dance like nobody’s watching.

DON’T go home with some random person you met at the bar. Do you think they’re your Valentine? Honey, no! Bad idea going home with someone on Valentine’s Day. Might be a funny story in the future, but do you want to wake up in a stranger's bed the day after Valentine’s Day? Just enjoy a night out with your besties and make some memories with them.

DO tell your friends and family how much you love them. It doesn’t matter if Valentine’s Day is a day for “romantic couples;” make it a day to tell the ones you love that you appreciate and love them. Tell your best friend from high school you miss them. Tell your favorite aunt you’re thinking of her. Be thankful you’re surrounded by this amazing group of people in your life.

DON’T, and I stress DON’T, text your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Even if you spent Valentine's Day with them a couple times, that was the past. Why would you text them? What is the logic behind it? Do you think they’ll want you back, they might, but still do not do it. Move on, give yourself some love, and don’t dwell on the past. 

While some of you, or all of you, may not listen to me, I hope this list is in the back of your head. Having a positive outlook on this day can be a good thing and gives you memories to look back on. Spend this Valentine’s Day with the ones you love and the one you love the most: yourself. 

Audrey Kesler is a sophomore from Prairie Village studying strategic communications. 

Edited by Connor Heaton