the graphic illustrates half a suit jacket and half a sweatshirt

Opinion columnist Audrey Kesler discusses girls' choices to dress up when going out and urges people to feel comfortable in whatever they want to wear. 


POV: You’re in your dorm with all your close girlfriends getting ready for Delta Tau Delta’s annual Jersday Thursday party. But, unfortunately, you don’t have a jersey to wear. One of your friends says they will dress up in a “cute outfit” with you so you won't be the only one without a jersey.

While this is so nice of your friend, you honestly would rather just wear leggings and a University of Kansas T-shirt. What do you do? Do you force yourself to put on a full face of makeup, a pushup bra and big hoops that’ll get caught in your hair? Or, do you put on some mascara, a sports bra and some tennis shoes and call it good enough?

Personally, I would choose option two. Now, full disclosure, I do occasionally dress up when I go out because, yes, I do like doing my makeup and wearing a sexy top that accents my boobs. But, do I love it? No, no I do not.

While it is fun to dress up in your favorite outfit and feel good about yourself, if you think about the big picture, why are you dressing up in a tight uncomfortable skirt and a tube top that you’ll have to constantly pull up throughout the night? I’ve heard so many different explanations like, “I have to look good for him,” or “It’ll make me look older,” or even “I am going out so I just have to dress up."

And, believe me, there’s more excuses. 

Let’s talk about that — “I have to look good for him.” Let me start off by saying this. Honey, you’re beautiful. If you feel the need to dress up for a guy because he won’t like you unless you look “pretty,” then he doesn’t deserve you. My friends and I always say, “if he doesn’t like you at your worst, then he doesn’t deserve you at your best.” You can’t seriously tell me you would put in an hour or two straightening your hair, putting on fake eyelashes, and choosing an outfit, just to potentially get a guy’s snapchat, say “hi” to him or make out with him. 

“It’ll make me look older.” This is probably my favorite because — I'm sorry for calling out freshmen — we know you’re a freshman because you dress up. The bouncer already knows you’re an 18-year-old handing him a 22-year-old fake ID. Again, you really don’t need to dress up to look older. While many can look older with a bit of extra makeup and some oomph in their shirts, this is a college town, and you aren’t fooling anyone. 

“I am going out so I just have to dress up.” I’m sorry, what? First off, don’t say you "have" to. Do you really want some drunk boy’s whiskey and coke spilled all over your new cheetah long sleeve crop top? Or, would you rather have it all over your two-year-old sweatshirt? No one wants this, but let’s be honest, we would prefer the sweatshirt. You have to expect people to spill drinks at bars and frat parties because, well, why do people go out? To get hammered.

Frat parties and bars are disgusting. Even when you think they’re clean, there is semester-old beer all over the floor. Plus, no one is going to remember your outfit because everyone is there to get drunk, hang out with friends and meet new people. 

Again, I’m not saying this to roast all my gorgeous ladies. Every woman on campus should feel free to dress however they want. If you are comfortable in a cute dress, do it. If you wanna wear a tight skirt and long sleeve top, do it. If you want to wear leggings and a sweatshirt, do it. Just be comfortable with yourself and in your look.

Audrey Kesler is a sophomore from Prairie Village studying strategic communications.