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No taxation without representation has a corollary: once taxed, the government owes us a voice.

Instead, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach builds systems to not give Kansans, especially young Kansans, the vote we have already paid for. He requires we go to one government office (Vital Statistics) and get a document to send to another government office. Weren’t computers created to access information like that? Are the government’s programmers incompetent? What’s the problem?

Then, for election time, he puts elections during class day. He requires we go to another government office and get an ID in order to vote. What happened to voice, facial and digital recognition?

Lastly, he created a program, “Crosscheck,” that incorrectly takes the vote away from people in over 99 percent of cases, according to the Washington Post.

As a result, 500,000 Kansans are not registered to vote, according to census data. 1.1 million Kansans do not vote in elections because of the system Kobach has built. Only half the University's students voted in 2016, according to a National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement. Half were robbed.

We take it silently. Our Student Senate does not send resolutions to Kobach and the legislature that robbery is outrageous! It is un-democratic. We will not stand for it. There are not protests in the street. Classes and offices are not boycotted.

Why do we take abuse silently? I don’t get it. As for me, I’m shouting against it. Join in!

Chris Roesel is a non-degree-seeking student from Roeland Park.