I’m an evangelical. What I mean by that is I adhere to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

To be more specific, it means that I believe that mankind is lost in sin and it’s only by faith through grace that man finds eternal life. If you noticed in my description I left out a couple of key words that political pundits love to use to describe me: conservative, pro-life, fundamentalist and most notably, Republican. That’s because none of those adjectives truly describe what it means to be an evangelical. They were merely added on over time to compartmentalize groups of people and in this particular case, the church.

So when I hear that “evangelicals” are supporting Trump or that pastors aren’t only voting for him but publicly and unashamedly propagating his message to their congregation, it bothers me. But forget about me, it bothers Jesus! When Jesus came to Earth to redeem humanity he wasn’t concerned about elections and parties. He was concerned for the poor, the sick, the lonely, the hopeless and most importantly, the condemned.

Trump’s message couldn’t be more contradicting to Jesus and His teachings. Banning Muslims from coming into America, blaming our immigration woes on Latinos and making fun of those with disabilities are policies and comments (among many others) that do not represent Christ.

Many Christians including myself believe in some conservative political ideologies but that should come second to our relationship with Jesus. Trump is pimping the evangelical vote and it’s a shame that churches are allowing this to happen. As a Christian, my faith is not in man to fix this world, it’s in Christ. While I’m not decided on who I’m voting for, I am sure on who will never get my vote and that’s Donald Trump.

Andrew Davis is a sophomore from Chicago studying political science and religious studies.