Eggs Benedict is one of opinion columnist's Audrey Kessler's favorite breakfast foods, and one of several delicious recipes she argues people can make even in quarantine.


Everyone has a favorite meal. It may be from a specific restaurant in your hometown, a recipe that has been in your family for years or even a specific type of food like Italian or Chinese.

While at home during this pandemic, I have thought a lot about places and meals I miss and cannot wait to go to once I safely can. But I have been able to appreciate my mom's home-cooking that I have been missing since the beginning of the semester.

My favorite breakfast that my mom has made is eggs Benedict. Traditionally, eggs Benedict uses ham, bacon or Canadian bacon, but we had prosciutto that we wanted to use. First my mom made the hollandaise sauce to top the eggs Benedict.

Hollandaise is an egg yolk-based sauce with butter, lemon juice and salt. There are many different recipes out there that have different spices and other add-ins that enhance the flavor more. 

We then toasted the English muffins and topped them with a slice of tomato and a slice of cooked prosciutto. My mom boiled a pot of water and cracked an egg in it, which is actually very difficult. Once the egg was boiled, she scooped it out and placed it on top of the English muffin and topped the whole thing with hollandaise sauce. Now, before you go make this (if you are up for the challenge), this is a runny egg meal, and I know some people do not enjoy a runny yolk in their eggs.

Since my mom works from home, I am usually the one making myself lunch. So far, my favorite lunch I have made for myself is a ham and swiss sandwich and a strawberry banana smoothie. For the sandwich, we had leftover ham from Easter that I used (but you can use deli ham or any other meat). I chose swiss cheese because, well, we had it, but also because ham and swiss is a classic combination that will always taste good. I highly suggest grilling the sandwich like grilled cheese because it is so yummy, but if you are not a grilled cheese person, it is still delicious no matter what. 

I also made a strawberry banana smoothie which has become one of my specialties during quarantine. I got frozen strawberries from the store, and my mom ordered a ton of fruit from a produce distributor that provides fruits and vegetables for restaurants, so I also got to use a banana. I also add ice, a little milk, a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt, a dash of vanilla and a little bit of honey. It is one of the yummiest smoothies ever and super easy! I kind of made up the amount of ingredients I put in by eyeballing it, but if you prefer to follow a recipe, then there are many different ones.

For dinner, my favorite meal so far has been cream cheese chicken enchiladas. You need to cook your chicken first, which could take a while. After the chicken, you will need to put white onion and butter in a skillet and cook that for a while, then add your chicken and some chili powder. Once it is all mixed together, turn the heat off and add cream cheese to the skillet. Get your tortillas and fill them with the cream cheese chicken mix and fold it like an enchilada. Put them in the pan, add a can of green enchilada sauce over it, top it with some Mexican style cheese, and cook it. These are really good enchiladas if you like cheese. I love cheese so much, and having the cream cheese and topped cheese makes it so delicious. Perfect for leftovers, too!

I hope everyone is having amazing home-cooked meals while they are home and staying safe. If you want to try any of these recipes, there are links below to each meal.

Audrey Kesler is a sophomore from Prairie Village studying strategic communications.