Two young people look at their phones while crouching down and leaning against a toilet

Ki-jung Kim (Park So-dam) and Ki-woo Park (Choi Woo-shik) star in the Oscar-winning and Golden Globe Award-winning film "Parasite."


Last year had "Roma." This year had "Parasite." Whether you like it or not, foreign-made movies in languages other than English are coming to the forefront in an ever-globalizing world. If you don’t want to learn an entirely new language, that means you need to get used to subtitles.

The topic of whether to use subtitles or not has been a raging debate for a while. Some people say subtitles are too distracting and take away from the overall movie. Some even say, "I don’t want to read a movie." Subtitle-supporters push back saying it helps you understand the movie and avoid people asking, "What did they just say?"

I started watching entertainment with subtitles about two years ago and it has done nothing but enhance my viewing experience of both TV and movies. You never misunderstand a thing when you can just read what they’re saying, and it’s not blocking anything because it’s small and out of the way.

Think about all of the wonderful films you’re missing out on if you avoid reading text on a screen. There are many good quality foreign films released every year.

"Parasite" just won an Oscar for best picture and people are still choosing to miss out on one of the best masterpieces of the last decade simply because they hate reading that much text. 

Your brain is capable of processing multiple things at once, so trust me, you get used to both watching the picture and reading the text simultaneously.

All you’re doing by being against films with subtitles is keeping yourself from fully experiencing movies that were made both here and abroad. The legendary Bong Joon Ho said it best himself after "Parasite" won a Golden Globe for best foreign-language film, “Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” Get over that barrier, it’s worth it.

Wyatt Hall is a sophomore from Bonner Springs studying business analytics.