A dog lies on a blanket on the floor of Anschutz library as its handler sits next to it

Anschutz Library offers a stress-busting study break with dogs. 


In the daunting future of finals week, it’s easy to complain and stress about the finality of the semester. Although finals week is the last one, its responsibilities usually extend into the couple weeks prior. No matter a freshman or senior student, everyone feels a sense of pressure to finish strong, or just pass the class. 

In the academic world, there is an overall negative connotation attached to our final exams, papers, and projects. Navigating this stress can be good for us, though. The culmination of exams and essays is both an exciting and tense time because freedom is on the brink, but experiencing this builds some academic character.

Although academic character sounds lame, it’s what pushes us to improve and grow some internal stamina. When dealing with an extra load of stress and anxiety, there are ways we can tackle feeling overwhelmed. 

Proper suggestions follow: Instead of drinking the extra three cups of coffee, try caffeinated tea or even just ice-cold water. Hydrating the body will help us take care of ourselves on the inside, and therefore give us the energy to complete our studying.

Second, the all-nighter you’re planning on pulling will only devastate your body. Plan some sleep for yourself, keeping a fresh mind will aide in the smaller amount of studying you may now have. 

Third, change up your location of studying. We become bored and comfortable with the spaces we choose to study. A new atmosphere can motivate studying, and help us not become bored during a heightened time of anxiety. Keeping a healthy mind and body is vital in surviving the ending of the winter semester.

These suggestions may seem simple, but they can show us how the weight of finals week can be good for us. If you have worked hard for the entirety of the semester, then let that hard work show. Finish strong. If you’ve felt you could have done more throughout the semester, let yourself pick it up a little so you can feel the satisfied ending.

Only stress about what you can control and let it fuel you in a positive way. Take it day by day, and know that it’s not for nothing. Academic stamina transfers outside the classroom and toward our future endeavors, and allows us to understand the levels we are capable of reaching.