The House of Chá is a place to get the popular drink bubble tea. It is located just off of Massachusetts Street on Ninth Street.

Bubble Tea isn't a drink, it's an art. At least it is to those that work at House of Chá in Lawrence. 

"The drinks are where the art lies," said Isaac Jambor, who has worked at the business since 2014. "Based on somebody's appearance ... I can kind of gauge what they might like."

House of Chá has over 35 different flavors to make billions of combinations of the tea. It originated in Taiwan and is made up of tea, milk and boba, also known as tapioca, which House of Chá makes fresh daily. It gets its name from the froth that forms at the top from the milk. Jambor's favorite flavor is Rose, but lately has been sticking with green tea and water.

"It all comes down to the base, whether or not it's creamy, and then the flavor," Jambor said. 

The downtown drink stop has been around since 2003. 

"June will make 15 years in the same downtown location," Anna Douglas-Rose, owner, said in a Facebook message with the Kansan.

She and her husband, Michael, have owned House of Chá since 2016. They, like many of the people who make the shop so special, had been regulars who "loved the product" when they heard the shop was up for sale. 

"We’ve always loved Lawrence and finding the opportunity to carry on a fantastic business and engage with folks who love the product as much as we do was too good to pass up," Anna said. 

The shop adds something to Lawrence that is unique to House of Chá. Anna's bubble tea flavor of choice on rainy days is vanilla chai. However, she said, "Ask me tomorrow, and it might be peach mango bubble tea."