The Kansas football defensive line lines up on the football field in Memorial Stadium

The defensive line waits for the snap against Baylor. The Jayhawks fell to the Bears 61-6 Saturday, Nov. 30.


The Baylor Bears stole the show last Saturday in a 61-6 blowout over Kansas, the largest loss of KU’s season. This was definitely not the note that fans nor the team were hoping to end on.

Finishing the season with a 3-9 record, Jayhawk fans were disappointed, to say the least. However, the end of a season gives fans and the team an opportunity to reflect and appreciate the steps that the football program has taken this year towards change.  

While there were only three wins this season, there’s no doubt Kansas gave teams a run for their money in 2019. There were plenty of really close games against some impeccable programs that made this season seem a bit more noteworthy. 

Texas, who has a reputation of struggling against the Jayhawks, only won 50-48 thanks to a game-winning field goal. West Virginia, another notable Big 12 program, won by a mere five points. And lest we forget, the three wins KU had this season were nothing short of remarkable. And by a long shot, the nail-biting win against Texas Tech was the most notable.  

Although many fans lost a sliver of hope after this season, they should still be optimistic about the seasons to come. A new season brings a new team, full of bright, young players who are looking to make their mark and veterans who are just getting started. 

The 2020 recruiting class has been better than it has been in previous years. With a list stacked with 3-star recruits — and the recruitment class ranking at 41 as opposed to last season's 70 — there is plenty of room for positivity for the future.

Sophomore running back Pooka Williams Jr. is one of the Kansas veterans who will be returning in hopes to turn next season up another notch.

Williams finished with 1,061 rushing yards, 214 receiving yards and five total touchdowns, and he just received the honor of being named to the 2019 All-Big 12 First Team for the second consecutive year.  

Williams Jr. and his teammates are ready to take this offseason by storm and prepare for the 2020 season.