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New social media platforms are being created all the time. Many of them fail, especially ones that deal primarily with sports content. There is one particular sports social media app that hasn’t fallen through the cracks though.

 Fancred was founded in August 2012 by Hossein Kash Razzaghi, Jeremy Merle, Michael Pan and Craig Johnson and was launched early in 2013.

 “I wanted to connect people through sports and give them a sense of community,” Razzaghi said.

That’s what Fancred offers — a strong sense of community with fans all over the globe. Fancred allows sports fans to document, share and filter what they see.

 When people are approached to download Fancred, they generally ask, “why can’t I just use (insert whatever social media platform here).”

 “The biggest difference between us and, say, Twitter, is with Twitter you’re watching the game and you’re in the read-and-lean-back mode, getting additional information that you might not have gotten from your TV set,” Razzaghi said. “Fancred has really been able to create more of a virtual stadium where you have tens of thousands of displaced fans watching the same game but really interacting together and going through the ups and downs of the game together. It’s a much more engaged and active audience, so if you are a big brand or publication, you can learn more about your audience by working with Fancred.”

 Another Fancred exclusive is the “Fancred Score.” The score is based on a secret algorithm that grows based on how active users are within the app and how well the user’s content engages with other users. So far, the highest score in the app is a 76. The head of strategy and content for Fancred, Landon Howell, has that score.

Fancred was originally an iOS/web exclusive, but was recently launched for Android.

There are 11 full time employees working at the headquarters in Boston, and hundreds of “Community Leaders” across the nation. The Community Leaders are college students who use grassroots techniques to engage their communities on the app. Kansas has two active Community Leaders on campus.

Several professional and college sports teams have verified accounts with Fancred. For example, the Boston Red Sox, Mississippi State University and Liverpool Football Club all actively engage with users. Former NFL player Lawyer Milloy has an account on Fancred as well. Many users were skeptical that it was truly Milloy, but once he posted a photo of himself picking his nose, the doubt quickly faded.


— Edited by Lyndsey Havens



Fact: Fancred’s user base is growing by 50 percent month over month. —


Quote: “It’s definitely an opportunity for fans to get focused on your sports moments, and to tell people about your experiences as a fan. And we allow some trash-talking.” — Hossein Kash Razzaghi, CEO of Fancred. –— Inside Bay Area


Trivia: Q. How many Fancred posts have there been since the beginning?

A. Over 1.2 million. —