Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson can't stop wide receiver Tyreek Hill from trying to make a catch during an NFL football training camp in St. Joseph, Missouri.

About five months ago, I wrote an article on former Kansas City Chiefs and current Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt after a video surfaced of him kicking a woman during an altercation in a hotel.

In that article, I emphasized the necessity to draw our own lines on forgiveness and second chances and explained how I had come to a place where I was willing to give Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill a second chance, as he has a history of domestic violence.

Third chances, though, are never on the table.

Following the child abuse accusations and released audio between Hill and his fiancé Crystal Espinal, the time has come for us as fans and the NFL to take a firm stand.

Hill needs to be released from the Chiefs immediately and banned from the NFL.

Sports are not a place where repeat offenders of abuse should be tolerated, no matter how talented you are. Outside of those sentiments, those in power in these leagues need to be the ones to implement radical change.

As fans and human beings, we can do what we can to voice our displeasure and anger at players who commit these crimes. At some point we need to shift that anger and displeasure and direct part of it toward the ownership who continue to employ these players.

Players like Hill need to be made an example of. Abusers do not deserve to play professional sports. Far too often when a player is absurdly talented, a cheek is turned to their off-the-field issues.

This must end.

Players like Hill, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson and many more do not deserve these opportunities that they are given time and time again.

I gave Hill a second chance because I felt he was remorseful and that it was a mistake he made as a young man. I was wrong, as were many others, and now I support his removal from the NFL at the cost of any success the Chiefs may have with him on their future roster.

Once again, I implore you to draw your own line. Decide who to give a second chance to on your own merits and ideals.

Third chances, on the other hand, are a courtesy that should not be given unless somehow they earn the right.

But a Hill will never deserve one.

He had his opportunity and threw it away at the expense of the health and safety of his son, his fiancé and his unborn child.

Make the right decision NFL, and make it quick. The longer Hill sits on an NFL roster, the more you take away any faith the public has in you.