Silvio De Sousa holds a chair above his shoulder during a fight behind the basket.

Junior forward Silvio De Sousa holds a chair during an altercation at the end of the game against Kansas State. Kansas defeated K-State  81-60 Tuesday, Jan. 21.

A steal, block, yelling, shoving and a chair were all involved in the final seconds of a college basketball game that will forever live in infamy. In the lasting moments of the 292nd meeting between Kansas men's basketball and the Kansas State Wildcats, an otherwise typical outcome would soon be defined on a much larger, and violent, scale.

Junior forward Silvio De Sousa, who missed the entirety of last season with NCAA violations hanging over his head, dribbled toward the Kansas bench with the seconds slowly dripping off the clock. The crowd, rejoicing to the inevitable victory, gave a final roar of approval to the Jayhawks as they prepared to claim their 15th win of the season. 

Then, chaos ensued. 

The crowd expresses shocked emotions as Bill Self separates his players during an altercation.

Coach Bill Self separates his players during an altercation that took place in Tuesday's game against Kansas State. The Jayhawks defeated the Wildcats 81-60 Tuesday, Jan. 21.

K-State freshman guard Dajuan Gordon pressured De Sousa at half court and swiped the ball from him. All of Allen Fieldhouse showered Gordon with boos as he coasted down the floor for one last emphatic finish. In response to Jordan's "play-to-the-whistle" mentality, De Sousa chased down the K-State freshman as he approached the goal. 

"I had told [the team] not to press and not to foul," K-State coach Bruce Weber said. "You don't want to take the fire out of their bellies, but at the same time, you have to handle it right."

As Gordon tried a contested layup before the horn sounded, De Sousa pounded the ball back on the hardwood with a ferocious block. Switching from boos to cheering, the crowd appreciated the exclamation point De Sousa would put on the resounding win. 

Only that exclamation point was followed with an ellipsis. 

Standing over Gordon, De Sousa used a few choice words as if to say, "don't try that, again." The brief altercation sent both sides into hysterics. Enraged by De Sousa's actions, the K-State bench rushed to the aid of Gordon and challenged the Jayhawks' 6-foot-9 forward. The Kansas bench, much like the Wildcats', rushed to help their teammate. But there was no stopping the hell storm that would ensue.

"I have no idea. I didn't see anything," Weber said. "It's disappointing to end it that way. Credit to [Kansas], they kicked our butt in so many ways [during the game]." 

With players bunched in a mosh pit of chaos, the pushing and shoving became increasingly violent. The fight escalated into a brawl when K-State redshirt junior forward James Love III and De Sousa separated from the cluster of players in their own shoving match. 

"Obviously, there was a role played by the players," coach Bill Self said of his team. "I know we were in the wrong. I'm not saying both parties weren't in the wrong, but I know that we were in the wrong." 

Moving into the handicap seating section of Allen Fieldhouse, the goal became to restrain the players from hurting themselves and even worse, the fans. But an image was captured. One that will, without a doubt, be the image that fans resort to when speaking of this incident 10 years from now. 

"It happened in the handicap seats," Self said on the brawl. "If you're going to do something, at least take it on the court. It's ridiculous."

In the heat of the moment, De Sousa grabbed a chair that was left unattended to in the midst of the pandemonium. Putting it over his head, he returned to the huddle of players. Fortunately, the chair was taken before he committed an act that would've led to another massive suspension.   

When the dust settled, the teams were escorted back to their locker rooms on opposite ends of the court. Minutes later, coaches and players returned in a more cautious manner. There, they were met by the officials who elected to put one second back on the clock. 

Coach Bill Self escorts junior forward Silvio De Sousa following an altercation against K-State.

Coach Bill Self escorts junior forward Silvio De Sousa following an altercation that took place in Tuesday's game against Kansas State. The Jayhawks defeated the Wildcats 81-60 Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Self was informed on the decisions the crew made. 

"The entire team — both teams," Self said on who was ejected. "Except for the 10 players who were in the game. [De Sousa] got a technical for taunting, and then all bench players were ejected."

Players on both sides were not available for post-game comments. Additionally, the autograph session with players and fans was cancelled after the game.  

The date will be etched in Sunflower Showdown history. Jan. 21, 2020. The night two rivals took the meaning of "bad blood" to a new level. 

Kansas will host Tennessee Saturday, Jan. 25, for College Gameday. Tipoff is slated for 3 p.m.