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Coach Bill Self motions to the crowd after a Kansas victory over West Virginia.

Since 1887, Jayhawks have been chanting in unison, filling the air with the voices of die-hard fans, as well as devoted Kansas students and alumni.

There is no doubt that Allen Fieldhouse is one of the greatest places to witness college basketball. But, why is that?

The obvious answer is the stellar home-court advantage. Jayhawks fans show up and show out. Students, alumni and fans are known for their loyalty to Kansas sports. From starting camping groups to creating elaborate posters and costumes, fans go the extra mile.

Sure, it is great to camp hours before the game and design posters that will be recognized on the Jumbotron, but, without the deafening cheers of all the fans in the stands, Allen Fieldhouse would not be the same.

The Rock Chalk chant is what sets Kansas apart.

As one of the best chants in college sports, the Rock Chalk chant captures the attention of all who witness it. Derived from a cheer originally created for the University's science club, the chant became a battle cry of sorts. Used before games and after a victory, the chant requires the participation of all fans in attendance.

There is no surprise that basketball fanatics from all over often travel to witness at least one game in Allen Fieldhouse. Holding the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar, the Fieldhouse is an atmosphere unlike any other.

With the unique Rock Chalk chant, Jayhawk fans have helped put Kansas sports on the map.

Every August, thousands of new Jayhawks fill the stands of Memorial Stadium to prepare for Traditions Night, dedicated to teaching students the traditions of campus. It's here where many students get their first taste of the ritual.

Dating back to 1886, the Rock Chalk chant is ingrained in this university. Before every game, big or small, the chant echoes through campus.

Like the chant, Jayhawk fans are worldwide. The Rock Chalk chant is not limited to facilities in Lawrence due to the presence of Kansas fans all over the world. Oftentimes during away games, if you listen closely, you can catch the faint cheer of a Jayhawk starting the chant and upholding the tradition.

The chant has redefined what it means to be a Jayhawk. As a school rich with traditions, fans look forward to gameday rituals.

Evoking a sense of community, the Rock Chalk chant is here to stay. A powerful reminder to all opponents that here at KU, fans will do their part to help their team win.

The chant is what ties fans together, intentionally connecting the crowd before games. Joining the tradition and KU community is enough to remind anyone, there is truly no place like home.

Next time you find yourself at a Kansas sporting event, do not be afraid to link arms with the person next to you and sing the Alma Mater. But, most importantly, do not forget the power that is the Rock Chalk chant.