Madison Rigdon, an outside hitter from Pflugerville, Texas serves the ball to Missouri State.

It's a cliché question that's as old as time.

"If I would have told you [insert time span] ago that you'd be [insert whatever here], what would you have said?"

I posed the age old hypothetical to coach Ray Bechard after the Kansas volleyball team swept its 13th opponent of the season to move to 17-0.

"If I would have told you two months ago that you'd be 17-0, what would you have said?"

Without dropping a beat and with a smile, Bechard joked: "I would have had you admitted somewhere."

Needless to say, Kansas' 17-0 start isn't what the Jayhawks expected coming into the season. The longest win streak in Kansas history is in progress. This team has shattered program records left and right.

But here we are: Kansas is undefeated. And is one of two teams nationally at the moment to have that accolade under its belt. 

"It's the type of start you can only dream about," Bechard said.

Dockery said she would have gone along with it.

"I probably would have said, 'hell yeah!'" she said with a smile and a laugh before attributing the team's success to the chemistry of its players. 

All of Kansas' success poses another question: How much longer can Kansas ride it out? It's going to be a long and bumpy road, but it's not completely impossible.

Since 2007, only two teams have gone undefeated all the way to win the national championship. Penn State did it both times in 2008 and 2009.

Who stands in Kansas' way? Texas and the rest of the Big 12. Texas, currently, is ranked No. 2 in the country. And Kansas hasn't had much success against them in recent years.

The last time the Jayhawks beat the Longhorns was in 2003. Kansas beat them twice that season, both times in five sets. 

That season, Texas wasn't ranked. Almost every other time Kansas and Texas have faced off since then? The Longhorns were in the Top 25. (The last time the two faced off, Texas wasn't ranked, but Texas swept Kansas in three sets.)

But before Texas, Kansas has teams it can't overlook as well. 

Remainder of Big 12 Schedule 
 Date Team (Rank as of 10/10)  Record as of 10/10 
 10/14 at Baylor  (13-5, 1-3)
 10/21 Oklahoma  (7-9, 1-3)
 10/23 at Texas (No. 2) (14-1, 4-0)
 10/28 at Iowa State (10-6, 3-2)
 10/31 Baylor  (13-5, 1-3)
 11/7 at Oklahoma (7-9, 1-3)
 11/11 Texas (No. 2) (14-1, 4-0)
 11/14 TCU (14-4, 4-2)
 11/21 at West Virginia (5-12, 0-4)
 11/25 at Kansas State (10-7, 2-3)
 11/28 Texas Tech (12-7, 1-4)
 11/29 Selection Sunday --

In the Big 12, there are no guaranteed wins. So the fact that Kansas continues to roll right through during its "unprecedented" season, continues to impress.