Coach Les Miles, sporting a Jayhawk hat and jacket, walks off the football field

Coach Les Miles walks off the field at half time. Kansas lost to Baylor 61-6 on Saturday, Nov. 30.

The spring season is a very critical time for football teams to bring talented players into their program. During this time, football recruits can travel to Lawrence for their junior day visits. The recruiting trips are incredibly important for young athletes to tour campus, meet the coaching staff and to see the facilities.

Unfortunately, the effects of the coronavirus have caused colleges all across the country to be closed from any on-campus activities. All recruiting visits for the foreseeable future are suspended, which creates a huge problem for all schools to be able to reach out to potential recruits. 

However, the Kansas football staff was able to get very creative during this time, and used social media to host a virtual Junior Day through Twitter. With the tagline "KU Comes To You," the staff set up a full itinerary and released it on the Kansas Football Twitter account.

The tour was divided into 11 different segments, each labeling either an aspect of the football program, or the University itself. With each segment, a video was released with different staff members speaking on topics like player development, food and nutrition, coaching staff, academics, and the city of Lawrence. During that virtual tour, many assistant coaches took to Twitter to share what makes Kansas so special, why they love to work in Lawrence and their excitement to get back to work with the team. 

This idea is so unique because it still gave the football program a chance to host recruits on a junior day schedule, where they can learn about the program from their own home. One of the recruits watching was Dominic Oliver, who tuned in from California. "It was really cool, I got to learn more about the football program. But I was really interested to see all around campus, other areas and the majors they offer," Oliver told JayhawkSlant

The benefit of this virtual tour is that athletes like Oliver don't have to travel to Lawrence and can go back to view any of the videos whenever they want.

The coaching staff has also contributed to the virtual recruiting. Offensive Coordinator Brent Dearmon has been posting videos breaking down some of the quarterback drills they do at practice and explaining the importance of each drill.

The strength and conditioning team has posted multiple in-home workouts for the recruits, players and fans to complete. Many other coaches were very active throughout the process as well, creating an incredible thread where the Kansas culture shines through.

The idea of a virtual recruitment is innovative and created a perfect opportunity for Kansas football to thrive when thousands of colleges are shutting down.