Volleyball vs. Texas-7

The game against Texas was sold out, leaving students to wait outside until they could be let in if they were extra seats.

Kansas Associate Athletics Director Jim Marchiony said Athletics would discuss in the offseason a change in the way students and ticket holders are allowed to enter Kansas volleyball games.

On Wednesday night, several students said they were told they might not be able to get into the Horejsi Family Athletics Center for the match against Texas, which the Jayhawks lost in five sets.

Horejsi has a capacity of 1,300. Athletics approximated that 1,503 were in the building Wednesday night. By its count, 111 of those people were students. Later, Marchiony said in an email to the Kansan there were 161 students in attendance, including band members.

Some KU students arrived at Horejsi more than an hour and a half ahead of time in hopes they would get seats.

"We got here 10 minutes before 5 [p.m.]," said Will Lemm, a freshman from Leavenworth. "They let the first 10 students who were outside the student entrance in. Beyond that they wouldn't let any [more students] in until everybody else had gotten in."

Lemm said he and his two friends were the third, fourth and fifth students in line.

After KU Athletics let in the 10 students, a person who appeared to be an Athletics employee told a Kansan reporter it was unlikely that more than 20 students would be able to enter the match. Other students said they left, assuming they would not get in.

"We got there about an hour early and started waiting. There was a pretty long line when we got there, and we were wondering why the students weren't being let in because all the general admission was," said Avery Anderson, a student who left on his own accord assuming he would be turned away. "And then we waited about 20 minutes or 25 minutes, and they came out and said that they were probably only going to be able to let 20 more students in, and everyone else wasn't going to get a seat."

Marchiony said, generally, students and people with general admission seats enter at the same time. He also said the University "didn't have an issue" with people getting in to Thursday night's match. 

"She didn't say, 'Only 20,'" Marchiony said, referring to an Athletics employee. "She said, 'We're going to let 20 in right now and as we see how the stands are, we'll let more in.'"

He added: "That was a misinterpretation of what she said [by students who left], because everybody who stayed on line got in. There were a lot of people who didn't misinterpret that."

Marchiony said it was possible KU Athletics would alter the entrance system in the future. He said he thinks changing how students are let into the Horejsi Family Athletics Center would be something that the administration would discuss in the offseason.

Horejsi Family Athletics Center has consistently filled over capacity during Kansas volleyball games this season, according to the reported attendance numbers from KU Athletics. There have been more than 1,400 fans at every home Big 12 match the Jayhawks have played this year; there have been more than 1,500 in all but one Big 12 home match.

And going over capacity has affected students and student athletes, who often attend matches.

Kansas basketball player Wayne Selden Jr. tweeted that he feared he wouldn't be able to get into Wednesday's match.

After the match started, ushers let in Selden — along with other basketball players and student athletes.

Marchiony said KU Athletics did not give special treatment to any of the student athletes.

"We ended up accommodating everyone who remained on line," Marchiony said in an email.

Marchiony did not give a timetable of when a potential change would happen.

Kansas volleyball has one more scheduled home match this year, which will take place Nov. 28 against Texas Tech.

— Edited by Abby Stuke