Kansas women’s basketball traveled to Waco, Texas Wednesday night to take on the No. 2 Baylor Bears, and faced sheer domination from the home team in a 97-44 blowout. Kansas entered the game intimidated, committing many turnovers thanks to the stifling Baylor defense. 

Baylor crushed the Jayhawks in just about every facet of the game. Whether it was Baylor's 14 steals, or swatting away 6 shots, Kansas could not find an answer for the Baylor defense.  

Baylor had a large size mismatch that kept the Jayhawks from getting a rhythm inside. Kansas scored only 14 points in the paint compared the Bear’s whopping 40.

The Jayhawks were also out of control with the ball Wednesday night, committing a total of 24 turnovers at the final buzzer. Kansas turned the ball over on 31.2% of the team's possessions, a recipe for disaster for a team already playing catchup. The Bears scored 35 points off turnovers, giving the them a very comfortable lead throughout.  

Turnovers have been a serious issue for the Jayhawks as of late, they totaled 20 against the Oklahoma Sooners in their last game on Sunday.

Although it was a tough game for the now 12-9 Jayhawks, there was one bright spot for the team. Sophomore guard Aniyah Thomas had a great game for herself, racking up 19 of the Jayhawks' 44 points. She ended the first half with a highlight-level shot from beyond half court, adding to her stellar night on a night the rest of the squad would probably like to forget. 

Kansas looks to bounce back from this beatdown this Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse at 5 p.m. against TCU.