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Sophomore running back Pooka Williams Jr. runs with the ball. Kansas lost to Kansas State 38-10 Saturday, Nov. 2.

With national signing day coming up Feb. 5, there have been some key recruits decommitting from Kansas football. 

Top-ranked cornerback recruit JaCobee Bryant announced on Tuesday evening that he plans to decommit from the University of Kansas.

Bryant verbally pledged to KU in June. At the time was a four-star recruit and the 27th top cornerback in the state of Alabama.

Defensive end Chris Jones also announced his decommitment from the Jayhawks this past Monday. Jones is a three-star recruit, and was going to be an exciting addition for the Jayhawks. Without Jones, there will be two defensive linemen, including defensive end Bryce Cabeldue who verbally committed Sunday, Jan. 26. 

Bryant and Jones mark 12 total decommitments from this year’s recruiting class. Some other decommitments for this year’s class include key three-star recruits such as linebacker Brennon Scott, defensive end Khari Coleman, and cornerback Tanner Hooker. 

There shouldn’t be too much to worry about, since the 2020 class is already filled to the brim with 26 high school recruits  one above the maximum allowed by the NCAA. However, six of these players are only committed verbally and have not signed a letter of intent, leaving some potential wiggle room between now and national signing day.

Those six members include a three-star defensive tackle Kenean Caldwell, three-star offensive lineman Jackson Satterwhite, three-star Topeka quarterback Da’Vonshai Harden Jr., three-star offensive tackle Bryce Cabeldue, two-star punter Reis Vernon, and long snapper Eli Chism.

In comparison, due to the hype of Les Miles’ first season at the University, 2019’s recruiting class recorded only five decommitments. In 2018, 11 players decommitted from former head coach David Beaty’s final recruitment class. 

It seems like Les Miles and company are busy crafting next season’s team. But what could be causing these recruits to decommit?

For starters, most recruits prioritize potential playing time with each school they consider. While some positions are beginning to become diluted with players, or there are some veterans taking priority.

Switching out recruit spots for other promising players could also be a possibility. Regardless, each recruit must decide what is best for them and their future in the sport. 

While next season is still promising, the Jayhawks will certainly miss out on the 12 decommitments they’ve faced so far. 

Edited by Brianna Wessling