When Caroline Cotter, a folk singer and guitarist from Portland, Maine, was around the age of 3, she would sit around and listen to records. This part of her life is when Cotter began to realize her passion: music. Cotter will share her passion of music with Lawrence when she performs at Five Bar and Tables on March 24.

Her most recent album, "Dreaming as I Do," was released on Jan. 31, 2015. The album was number five on the Folk DJ album charts in February 2015, and her song “Bella Blue” made it to number two on the Folk DJ song charts.

For Cotter, her most recent project stands out from her previous records because its much more produced than the others, and she spent a lot more time in the studio to make it different.

"I want people to feel happy, inspired, connected, and not alone," Cotter said. 

On top of that, Cotter travels a lot, in fact to 28 different countries, according to her biography. With that travel came learning five new languages, including Portuguese and Sanskrit.  While working to incorporate themes of the countries she has been into her song, she also said she finds a certain comfort in jumping from place to place.

“When I travel I’m more open somehow than when I’m at home,” Cotter said. “People are more open because I’m open, and I think that’s what I love about traveling so much, and that works its way into my music because I’m exposed to so many ways of living, seeing, lifestyles, landscapes, and architectures.”

Putnam Smith, a musician from Durham, Maine, and producer of "Dreaming as I Do," compared the sounds on the album to feelings of being in a cafe in Paris, or traveling through South America.

“She has a remarkable gift for telling the stories of people she has met, and she travels a lot which comes out in her songs," Smith said. 

Smith and Cotter met through mutual friends in 2010 in the Portland, Maine, music scene. And Smith is just one person who has helped Cotter along the way.

Through meeting new people every day, Cotter has found inspiration from them all. "There is not one person in particular that I could attribute my inspiration to," she said. 

The traveling has allowed Cotter stand out against other singer songwriters but so has her voice, Smith said. 

"She has a remarkable voice, really engaging songwriting, and is a very dynamic performer," Smith said. 

Cotter's show starts at 8 p.m. March 24 at Five Bar and Tables, located at 947 Massachusetts St. The show is free and open to all ages. 

— Edited by Samantha Harms 

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