Jesse McCartney played at The Granada on Saturday night as part of his tour for his currently untitled upcoming album. McCartney is a former teen idol and Disney Channel star. This tour marks the first time he has promoted an album since the release of “Technicolor” in 2014.

Local band Jean Claude & The Eclairs took the stage first, opening with an original song. The band captured the attention of the audience within the first notes. Playing a mix of original music and covers, the group had every hand clapping to the beat.

“We started this band two-and-a-half years ago, and we said from the beginning that we wanted to play The Granada before we graduated,” lead singer Cooper Scott said. “So, this is so amazing; it’s absolutely wild.”


Jean Claude & The Eclairs opens for Jesse McCartney at The Granada Saturday, April 13.

Scott had a commanding presence on stage. His wide vocal range was showcased in the band’s cover of the Jonas Brother’s song “Sucker.” The band members were constantly moving and keeping the crowd energy alive. Jean Claude & The Eclairs evoked anticipation for the main performer without diminishing the audience’s enjoyment of their own performance.


Jean Claude & The Eclairs opens for Jesse McCartney at The Granada Saturday, April 13.

Jesse McCartney took the stage shortly after Jean Claude & The Eclairs finished their set. Screams and cheers filled the air the second he strutted out on stage. The lights were dimmed, and the fog machine was rolling. Opening with “She’s No You,” McCartney had everyone singing along to the classic.

He kept the audience entranced with a smooth transition into his big hit “Leavin’” and rounded out his opening, greeting Lawrence and sharing more about his recent journey to being on tour.

“If you would have told me in January of last year that I would be putting out my first album in four years, I never would have believed you,” McCartney said.


Jesse McCartney performs in front of a sold-out house at The Granada Saturday, April 13.

McCartney performed several songs that will be on his newest album, including new song “Selfless.” McCartney also played new singles “Better with You” and “Wasted” along with familiar classics like “The Stupid Things," “Body Language” and “How Do You Sleep?”

While McCartney’s sound could previously be described as smooth and soulful, the new tracks are much more electronic and beat-driven.


Jesse McCartney performs in front of a sold out house at the Granada on Saturday, Apr. 13.

McCartney captured the hearts of the girls in the audience, even bringing a girl on stage to be serenaded during an acoustic performance.

McCartney finished the show strong by bringing the energy back up after playing acoustically for several songs. McCartney’s presence was infectious as he commanded the stage, constantly moving back and forth across the stage. Highly engaged with the crowd, McCartney didn’t have to ask the audience to sing along with him and finish the lyrics.

McCartney closed out his set thanking the crowd for their energy and support throughout the night. As McCartney and his accompanist left the stage, it went dark as the crowd erupted in piercing screams. The audience was chanting McCartney’s name for only a few minutes before he returned to the stage for an encore.

“Did I forget something?” McCartney joked when he came back out.

As the first notes of the star’s biggest hit “Beautiful Soul” played, the audience sang right along. The energy remained high through the final notes of the song. The night ended, and McCartney left the stage for the last time. The audience was buzzing and singing McCartney’s songs as they were leaving the venue, clearly satisfied by McCartney’s performance.