A new club at the University of Kansas is seeking to attract students with a passion for animation.

Ricky Smith, a junior from Lansing and the president of the KU Animation Club, began the organization last summer. Smith said he’d always been interested in animation, but didn’t have the opportunity to start a club until college. Smith said the Animation Club will welcome people who are learning to animate as well as those who are well-versed.

“I wanted to find more people who wanted to learn how to animate, or to just come make little animated shorts and stuff,” Smith said.

The club helps students with the basics of animation, but after the basics are covered, Smith said they plan to pursue bigger, more collaborative, projects.

“After a while we can start a really big project, like a little short film, and submit it to a film festival,” he said. “[We’re] just trying to work together so we can build our portfolios."

This semester, the club will be holding meetings at the Union, instead of off-campus at Oldfather Studios, where meetings were held last semester. Smith said he hopes that a more convenient location will encourage more students to join.

Stephen Swart, a senior from Dallas and treasurer of the club, said he hopes it leaves people with a better understanding of animation.

"I just hope that people can appreciate that it’s an art form," he said. "You have a lot more creative control over it than you would with real people, so you can just do basically anything you want with it.”

Smith said both the hardest and most rewarding part of animation is having patience with the process.

“If you look at how many drawings you’ve already done, you’re going to go crazy and think you can’t go any higher,” he said. “It pays off in the end when you see how cool it turns out, like you can’t believe that you turned an inanimate object into something that’s real.”

— Edited by Skylar Rolstad

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