Local musicians Iain Ellis and Debbie Goldberg host a back porch concert at the Goldberg residence in west Lawrence. 

Local musicians Iain Ellis and Debbie Goldberg hosted a socially distanced back porch concert at the Goldberg residence in west Lawrence July 18, after their show was canceled because of the coronavirus.

Ellis and Goldberg together make up the musical duo KT/DG. The band was scheduled to play a gig at the Myer’s Hotel Bar in Tonganoxie earlier this summer, where they were excited to play a tribute set to the band The Clash. But the show was canceled due to the coronavirus. 

After hearing this news, Richard Noggle, Ellis’s friend and founder of Lawrence’s annual Porchlandia event, suggested that Ellis and Goldberg play their concert on Goldberg’s back porch. 

“I have always loved playing music, I have always loved playing music live, so this was just an opportunity because it has been so difficult for anybody to play at the moment," Ellis said. "We just thought we could do it in a socially responsible way."

The group held their first back porch concert on June 20 where they debuted their Clash set for family and friends in Goldberg’s backyard. 

“When we did it last month, it was just this group of people, and a lot of people really had not been out much at all, and it was just such a treat to see your friends again," Goldberg said. "It just turned out really nice and we had plenty of space to be safe about it."

To ensure social distancing, Ellis and Goldberg set up pods of chairs spread out throughout the backyard so that people could enjoy the music safely. 

Goldberg felt lucky to have a large yard complete with a back porch that resembles a stage and string lights. 

At the show, the duo played a mix of The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Fountains of Wayne and even some originals, all while color coordinating their outfits. 

Ellis and Goldberg plan to play more porch concerts for their friends and families to enjoy during this unpredictable time.