new music Monday (2/21)

New Music Monday is a column that highlights releases from prominent artists. 

This week’s New Music Monday features exciting releases from prominent artists. Tame Impala released music for the first time since 2020, while Tessa Violet issued a single ahead of her upcoming 2022 tour with Cavetown. Here’s the rundown for this week.

“The Slow Rush B-sides & Remixes” by Tame Impala

“The Slow Rush” album was one of the most promising releases of 2020, following Tame Impala’s widely acclaimed 2015 album “Currents.” Now, just over two years after the release of “The Slow Rush,” Kevin Parker, the multi-instrumentalist behind the project, delivers three extra tracks from the album’s sessions that fit into the mood of “The Slow Rush”. This release also includes remixes from other artists like Lil Yachty and Blood Orange. The album also features an 18-minute version of “One More Year” that was performed for NTS Radio. 

Featured song – “The Boat I Row”

“Cowboy Tears” by Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree has made quite the stir in the online music scene over the past few years, most recently with his song “Life Goes On,” becoming a viral sensation on TikTok. While Tree had stated numerous times that his debut album “Ugly Is Beautiful” would be his last, the California-based artist has come out of a “retirement” to deliver “Cowboy Tears”. This album certainly lives up to the hype, delivering a much more concrete sound than his previous works. 

Featured song – “Swing & A Miss”

“Once Twice Melody” by Beach House

The Beach House duo released their first solo-produced album this week. With material written over the past 10 years, “Once Twice Melody” showcases multiple genres and styles while still containing the sounds that fans of Beach House will enjoy. 

Featured song – “Hurts to Love”

Other notable releases this week include singles from Tessa Violet, Train, and Rex Orange County. To hear all the featured songs this week, check out this week’s playlist on Spotify.