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"Reading Between the Lines" is an arts and culture podcast featuring The University Daily Kansan staff. 

In this week's episode, Wyatt and Nicole are joined by arts contributor Taylor Worden and senior reporter Lucy Peterson to talk about our favorite playlists, Hamilton, fan fiction, One Direction and more!

0:00:00 - Introducing the podcast as well as its hosts and this week’s guests

0:00:55 - What we’re listening to this week

0:06:45 - What we’re watching this week

0:18:36 - Hot Takes

0:27:08 - Main Topic: Boy Bands

0:27:34 - Our boy band credentials

0:36:10 - Early boy band culture

0:43:01 - Fan fiction

0:45:42 - One Direction ships

0:47:49 - Favorite One Direction members

0:51:49 - The toxic side of fan culture

0:55:45 - Overrated and underrated One Direction songs

1:00:56 - Solo careers after the band broke up

1:04:00 - Potential reunion?

1:06:02 - The future of boy bands