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"Reading Between the Lines" is an arts and culture podcast featuring The University Daily Kansan staff. 

This week on Reading Between The Lines, Nicole and Wyatt are joined by arts contributors Kevin Mboma and Stef Manchen to talk about whether or not the Beatles are overrated, American egocentrism, data privacy, the popular social media app TikTok and more!

0:00:00 - Introducing the podcast as well as its hosts and this week’s guests

0:00:52 - What we’re listening to this week

0:04:14 - What we’re watching this week

0:12:21 - Hot Takes

0:28:43 - Main Topic: TikTok

0:29:38 - When did we first get TikTok?

0:33:10 - How much we use TikTok

0:37:10 - The content curation and data collection of TikTok

0:43:12 - What we like to see while scrolling on TikTok

0:47:31 - The evolution of TikTok to where it is today

0:49:50 - TikTok affecting the music industry

0:54:50 - How will TikTok be compared to Vine when looking back?

0:56:52 - Will Vine be forgotten completely due to TikTok?

1:00:02 - Will TikTok be short-lived or outlast the competition?

1:11:02 - What we love and hate about TikTok