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"Reading Between the Lines" is an arts and culture podcast featuring The University Daily Kansan staff. 

Do you ever look at the journalists from the University Daily Kansan and wonder, what is going on inside their heads? The new podcast from the Kansan, "Reading Between the Lines" looks to answer that question each week.

Hosts Wyatt Hall and Nicole Dolan pick the brains of their colleagues and guests on art, culture and life on this new weekly podcast from the University Daily Kansan. Intro/outro music by David Obadare. 

"Reading Between the Lines" can be streamed on SpotifyAnchor, Google Podcasts and the Kansan website. 

This week, the duo and their guests discuss all things social media.  


0:00:00 - Introducing the podcast as well as its hosts and this week’s guests

0:01:48 - What are we watching this week?

0:15:14 - What are we listening to this week?

0:22:11 - Hot takes

0:32:38 - Main topic: Social media

0:38:02 - Businesses using social media and tone-deaf brand posts

0:49:06 - Opinions on “cancel culture”

0:59:46 - The problems with Facebook

1:13:37 - The the future of social media

1:19:38 - Should journalists stay objective on their social media?

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