The cover of "DS4EVER," the new album from rapper Gunna.

On Jan. 7, Atlanta rapper Gunna left fans speechless with the release of “DS4EVER,” the final installment of his “Drip Season” mixtape catalog. With help from stars like Drake, Young Thug, and Roddy Ricch, “DS4EVER” supplies fans with Gunna’s usual hypnotic flows and amazing production.

There are three tracks that best represent the velocity and tone of the album.

Track 2: “pushin P”

With verses from Future and Young Thug, this track initially pushed the album into the spotlight. The song was produced by Metro Boomin, who has a captivating production style and solid reputation in the music industry. 

After coming to fame on TikTok, “pushin P” currently holds the #1 spot on Apple Music’s Top 100: USA as of Feb. 2. 

The lyrics of the song flooded the internet. Celebrities and companies like Kim Kardashian, Nike, and IHOP have made posts referencing the viral single.  

Track 3: “poochie gown”

Another fan favorite Metro beat from Gunna comes in at track 3. In an effort to show off his wealth and success, the artist talks about cash-filled penthouses and lavish clothes. 

Freddie Gibbs, a fellow respected rap artist, caught a diss from Gunna on this song. Fans of the artists went into a spiral on social media, picking sides and defending their favorite of the two.  

Gunna has a unique style of wordplay, speaking on how his “Richard Mille costs three hundred G’s, on time I can’t be tardy.” The track sets the tone for a project filled with clever and interesting lines.

Track 12: “25k jacket”

Gunna is certainly not short of collaborators. Lil Baby and Gunna were destined to be musical partners. The track “25k jacket” is overflowing with imagery thanks to the ever-popular flows of the two artists. 

Gunna’s mixed his traditional style with an uptick in production to give fans “DS4EVER.” The final installment demonstrates that his mixtape installments have been influential to today’s rap industry.