The cover of "Red (Taylor's Version)."

At 31 years old, Taylor Swift arguably has one of the biggest names in modern music history. Since her debut at only 14 years old, Swift has continued to break streaming records while constantly being in the media spotlight.

Swift's first record deal under the label Big Machine Records proved to the world that money can change someone’s entire career. Prolific talent manager Scooter Braun purchased the company in 2019 for over $300 million, which gave him ownership of the master recordings and the profits they made throughout Swift’s discography.

As possibly one of Swift’s best career moves, she announced ownership of all her work this year and plans to release “Taylor’s Versions” of each of her hit albums.

Seven months ago, Swift re-released her first album, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” under Republic Records. But now, she adds another addition to this series that fans were patiently, yet anxiously anticipating. 

“Red (Taylor’s Version)” was released on November 12. This album features smash hits like “I Knew You Were Trouble,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “All Too Well," accompanied with a short film written and directed by Swift. The album included a slew of star-studded features, including indie music star Phoebe Bridgers and Ed Sheeran, to remaster her tracks. 

The backstory behind these releases shows a strong side of Swift. Her dedication to record her discography again to regain ownership of her music is powerful, and fans deeply adore the weight her music carries. In the song “All Too Well,” Swift paints a picture about her eventful relationship with a certain actor, saying, “You taught me about your past, thinking your future was me.”

Raising the bar even higher for the music industry, Swift released a ten-minute version of the passionate ballad with never-before-heard additional lyrics. And the reception was tremendous. Her fans, commonly known as "Swifties," openly praised her lyricism, while flooding actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s social media with demands to return Swift’s scarf. 

This album is difficult to avoid, simply because of the popularity some songs had at the time of the original version’s release. One of the best examples is the track “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

The song was a Billboard smash, topping the Hot Country Songs chart for nine weeks. Critics praised the album for its synth-pop sound, making it a constant radio spinner.

All around, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” is a deep glimpse into the break-up and recovery process of her music, but it reveals deeper artistic motives. The way she reminisces within the songs with such detail is nothing less than fascinating, as if she remembered every instant of her experiences and relationships exactly how they happened.

This album, even at its first release, left fans in a whirlwind of emotions. Fans rejoice Swift can finally profit from her music, and her listeners fell in love with “Red” again -- this time as “Taylor’s Version.”

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