Caleb Knueven stands with his camera.

Caleb Knueven, a University alumnus, is writing and directing a new short film titled "Stadium" about the beginning of a breakup. On Aug. 19, the film received funding through Kickstarter and surpassed its goal of $6,000, with a final tally of $8,075.

The film follows his previous short film, "Bad Egg," a dark comedy in which a man who does nothing but wrong finally receives the consequences he deserves.

However, "Stadium" will go down a different path than its predecessor, as it will take a more serious route in terms of the story.

“The idea came from life,” Knueven said. “'Stadium' was made out of a conversation I didn’t have, but should have had, with my girlfriend at the time.”

The story tells of the beginning of a couple’s break up when they decide to go their separate ways, and it was his experiences that helped form the idea of the film.

Knueven currently lives in Los Angeles, a city he's wanted to live in since he was in eighth grade. However, his journey to Los Angeles had a few stops on the way, including one in Kansas. He said attending the University prepared him for his career as a filmmaker.

“Coming from KU really helps instill an independent filmmaker’s mindset,” said Knueven.

Although Knueven attempts to create his films mostly by himself, he uses his connections made at the University to assist him in his work. In fact, both the film's producer and cinematographer are also University alumni. Knueven said the best part of the film industry is helping peers.

The friends he worked with for "Bad Egg" and "Stadium" are crucial to both films, Knueven said. This group of friends includes Franco Leng, assistant director for "Bad Egg," who has known Knueven for years. 

“[Knueven] came out on the KU program where they send students out to Hollywood and he worked in my studio,” Leng said.

As Knueven continued to work in the film industry, he became close with Leng. The two assist each other in projects when necessary.

“Caleb is a very enthusiastic person and brings a wall of energy with him wherever he goes,” Leng said.

Knueven said he has started to shy away from digital and turn to 16 mm film for its aesthetic. Kickstarter has also recently formed a partnership with Kodak that offers filmmakers 16mm film.

“I started picking up film photography,” Knueven said. “I loved how it looked to me and how it looked to the audience.”

Knueven said he's looking to become a more proficient filmmaker. Overall, he wants to increase the quality of his films and projects which he said he hopes to showcase in "Stadium." The film doesn't have a release date but production has already began.

For more information, visit the film's Kickstarter page.

— Edited by Christian Hardy

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