A graphic reads "UDK Horoscope"

Whether you are a believer in astrology or just like to read it for fun, this weekly column brings you advice based on the stars from the app Daily Horoscope. Here’s your March 23 to 29 weekly horoscope reading:


Sometimes a stressful situation takes more out of you than it adds to your experience. Embrace that this week. Your efforts now will plant seeds of opportunity and success in the future.


Pride is an essential piece of you, but you have to assess when it should be toned down to keep you from being selfish. An Earth sign needs to be grounded at times, and there is no fear in that.


Claiming to be informed is not being an expert. If you feel pressured into agreeing with someone who is being an airhead, do not be afraid to disagree.


This week is a good time to realize that making up stressful and even scary scenarios in your head is something you are in control of. Your anxiety does not control you. 


Your kind is made with hearts of gold, but this week, hesitate from overextending yourself to help a loved one. Being there for them does not mean taking away from your own happiness at their expense.


This week you are receiving a boost from the Universe, and everything you desire will be easy to reach. Bask in the delight of being content for this time, but do not say goodbye to logic.


Your path to happiness is realized through your thought process. Spend this week truly appreciating what you have and try not to compare it with what you lack. 


Limited resources can bring about panic in some and creativity in others. Stars have aligned this week for you to improvise, and the results will bring about a spark of joy.


Remember there is such a thing as going too far. Stretching yourself too thin will have an effect on people around you that is not always gratitude. Give yourself and others space.


You are a voice of reason from the beginning of this week. You have the power to ease panic and plant new positive thoughts in those around you. Use your powers in ways you know best.


Something you have been manifesting for a while is proving to be fruitless. It is understandable to be in a place of frustration and anger, but keep in mind that only you can choose how these events change you. 


You have been productive and have kept busy lately. You deserve a week of true peace and relaxation. Lean back and harvest the fruits of your labor.