Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Karen Gillan stand in the desert in a shot from the movie Jumanji: The Next Level

"Jumanji: The Next Level" starring Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Karen Gillan releases to theaters everywhere Friday, Dec. 13. 

For our last What To Watch This Week of the semester, there’s not much action as far as TV goes. However, we do have three new movies — one of which will be a blockbuster hit, and the other two will be contenders for potential awards. That’s not counting what’s coming out around Christmas, including “Little Women” and the newest iteration of the Star Wars franchise, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." Let’s see what you can watch to destress after finals and kill some time over break.


Featuring the trio of Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie, “Bombshell” shows some of the inner workings of one of the more controversial news media providers in recent history: Fox News. More specifically, it follows the three women who set out to expose former CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, a topic that’s particularly relevant right now. With most of the events shown in the film happening within the last few years, it’s going to be interesting to see how this one is received by the public. Regardless of that, you can expect some fantastic performances from some of the most talented actresses in Hollywood surrounded by a strong supporting cast. You can see “Bombshell” in theaters starting this Friday, Dec. 13.

“Jumanji: The Next Level”

Following the surprise hit that was the 2017 reboot of “Jumanji,” it was inevitable that a sequel was coming. Whether or not it will hold up to its predecessor remains to be seen. The original cast, along with a few new additions, returns in this one to jump back into the world that was seen two years ago. This time, the story follows the gang going back in to find Spencer, who mysteriously disappeared back into the game world and has gone missing. This time, a couple of unsuspecting relatives are dragged in with them. Although it's not clear whether or not the movie will live up to the first, it should be a fun watch nonetheless. You can see “Jumanji: The Next Level,” in theaters everywhere starting this Friday, Dec. 13.

“Uncut Gems”

Who would’ve thought we’d be hearing the words, “Best Actor Nominee: Adam Sandler”? Uncut Gems is another surprise to come out of 2019 with both audience and critic buzz being heard all over social media. Adam Sandler is straying from his usual comedic roots, bringing us an intense dramatic thriller in partnership with A24 — and it’s resonating with its watchers. The story follows Sandler’s character, a jewelry store owner and gambling addict, making a high-stakes bet to pay off his many debts. Between him balancing his family, business and associates, this one has people on the edge of their seats from start to finish. It’s one of the more anticipated movies to finish out 2019. You can catch “Uncut Gems” in theaters starting this Friday, Dec. 13.