brave new world

Harry Lloyd stars as Bernard Marx,and Hannah John-Kamen stars as Wilhelmina "Helm" Watson in the pilot episode of "Brave New World."

This week marks the launch of the newest streaming service to hit the market: NBC’s Peacock. With that huge release, there’s a slate of original content coming out with the new platform.

On this week’s edition of "What to Watch this Week," we’ll cover some of the highlights of Peacock’s Wednesday launch date.

"Brave New World"

In what is probably the biggest original show to headline Peacock’s release, we have an adaptation of the classic novel from almost 100 years ago, “Brave New World.” Featuring a few big name actors such as Demi Moore and Alden Ehrenreich, alongside fairly decent critic reviews, NBC is hoping they have a hit on their hands with this big name property.

You can watch “Brave New World” on Peacock Wednesday.

"Psych 2: Lassie Come Home"

Fan favorite comedy “Psych” is getting its second sequel movie this week, exclusively on Peacock.

After the show's in eighth and final season in 2014, we got to see the cast return for “Psych: The Movie” in 2017 for even more content out of this show’s universe. Apparently, they decided there is even more “Psych” story to tell, which we’ll see in this sequel to "Psych: The Movie" about our dynamic duo solving a case without police aid.

You can watch “Psych 2: Lassie Come Home” on Peacock Wednesday. 

British intelligence shows

Peacock will also be premiering with not one, but two shows about British intelligence agencies. One that has already been seen by some titled “Intelligence” is a workplace comedy about a United States NSA agent coming over to the U.K. to work with his British counterparts.

The other, which is also premiering with strong reviews, is “The Capture.” This one is much more serious and focuses on the British intelligence-gathering force.

Both can be seen, just as every other launch title, on Peacock Wednesday.