Disney will release the full stage production of the hit musical "Hamilton" on its streaming platform Disney+ on Friday, July 3.

In a slow but significant week for new releases, we’ve got a celebrity-filled remake of a classic film, a critically acclaimed documentary about LGBTQ+ rights and Disney finally releasing the musical that fans have been waiting for years to see on their TVs. Let’s take a look at what you can watch this week.

The Princess Bride remake on Quibi

The beloved 80s film is getting a remake — but not in the way you might expect. Director Jason Reitman gathered a laundry list of celebrities in Hollywood to get involved in the fun project, debuting on Quibi. The celebrities took turns playing the different characters and scenes from the safety of their own homes, before putting it all together into one giant satirical reimagining of the original movie.

Quibi also donated $1 million in the name of the project to the World Central Kitchen, an organization working to keep restaurants from going out of business during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re a fan of “The Princess Bride” and looking for something fun to watch this week, you can catch the first episode of the star-studded remake on Quibi this Monday, June 29.

Welcome to Chechnya

A much more serious watch this week is HBO’s latest documentary “Welcome to Chechnya.” The film covers the ongoing genocide of LGBTQ+ people in the Republic of Chechnya and activists who are speaking out against Russian officials to fight back against it.

The documentary premiered at January’s Sundance Film Festival to high praise and rave reviews, many saying it’s a hard watch but definitely worth learning about. You can watch “Welcome to Chechnya” when it releases on HBO Max this Tuesday, June 30.


By far the biggest release of the week, the masses can finally stream one of the most popular musicals of all time: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton.”

The performance was filmed back in 2016 with the original cast and was originally planned to be released next year, but got pushed up for viewers to enjoy while celebrating Independence Day at home due to COVID-19.

If "Hamilton" wasn’t already a big part of popular culture, it’s sure to explode to a whole new level with everyone now being able to watch it.

If you want to see the resurgence of “Hamilton” and its soundtrack back into the public eye, you can witness it for yourself on Disney+ this Friday, July 3.