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CHALK's picks for spooky flicks

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CHALK Spooky Flicks Graphic

CHALK's guide for spooky flicks to dial up this Halloween. 

Nothing quite brings the Halloween spirit like settling down with a cup of cider, a bowl of candy and a movie that is scary enough to make you jump out of your seat. With Halloween celebrations restricted to close circles this year, it's the perfect year to turn on your favorite (or a must-watch) spooky flick.

To help celebrate Halloween this year, the CHALK staff compiled a list of their favorite scary movies to help you get into the spirit. 


Taylor Worden | @taynoelle7 | CHALK editor

A classic from the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” will never fail to make me afraid of showers again for weeks. While it’s lacking in the gore and violence, Hitchcock knows how to get my heart racing up until the final scene, and there really is no other character quite like Mr. Norman Bates. 


Paul Samberg | @phsam16 | CHALK correspondent 

This cult classic is both thrilling and gory. If you’re into suspenseful movies, “Saw” is a great one to watch. Jigsaw is an all-time villain. You will never look at saws the same, though. 


Trinity Krouse | @trinfecta | CHALK correspondent

“Twitches” is a classic early 2000s Disney Channel Original Movie, and it’s great to watch every year to feel nostalgic. It features twins who were separated at birth and then reunited, only to find out that they have magical powers. 

“The Shining”

Braden Shaw | @ByBradenShaw | UDK managing editor

After 40 years, Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic is still a truly unsettling depiction of writer’s block, parenting, isolation and old hotels that’s been parodied countless times. All work and no play makes Jack Nicholson a bit unhinged (and likely to chase you through a hedge maze). 

“Silence of the Lambs”

Tatum Goetting | @TatumGoetting | CHALK and news correspondent

Halloween or not, the classic “Silence of the Lambs” remains one of my all-time favorites. Whenever I watch this, I’m on the edge of my seat from the very first scene to the last because of how thrilling it is. Hannibal Lecter (aka Hannibal the Cannibal) is one of the most interesting (and iconic) characters I’ve ever seen on screen, while Clarice Starling is arguably one of the most badass female characters in film history.

“Children of the Corn”

Caroline McCone | @McconeCaroline | CHALK correspondent and photographer

Halloween is the perfect season to make an unexpected road trip to the cornfields of extremely youthful Gatlin, Nebraska. This movie adaptation of Stephen King’s short story will make you reconsider everything you know about childhood innocence and corn on the cob. 

“Knives Out”

Abby McCoy | @AbigailLMcCoy | CHALK correspondent

This isn’t a traditional Halloween movie; however, I believe it deserves a spot on the list. An extravagant mansion, a chaotic family and an unsolved mystery - what more could you want? “Knives Out” encompasses Halloween vibes with a modern twist. If you are looking for a comedic, suspenseful and beautifully crafted mystery, this movie will be your spooky BFF. Personally, it’s one of my comfort movies. It pairs perfectly with a side of hot cider, cuddles and crisp weather.

“The Addams Family” (1991)

Alicia Marksberry | @Aliciamarksb | CHALK correspondent

This movie has it all. The creepy AND the kooky. “The Addams Family” is a classic Halloween comedy movie. It’s perfect for people who love Halloween but hate horror. Morticia and Gomez are truly couple goals, and you can’t help but fall in love with all the strange and spooky family members. The “Mamushka” song/dance scene is the highlight of the film, in my opinion. 

“Monster House” 

Emerson Karsh-Lombardo | @emersonkarsh | CHALK sex columnist

A classic Halloween movie that gives the laughs, the scares and the emotional twist at the end. This movie is perfect for people who don’t want jump-out-of-your-seat scary, but still want kid-friendly horror, action and adventure. The movie follows three trick-or-treaters on their journey to discovering the mystery of the haunted house at the end of the block.


Wyatt Hall | @thewyatthall15 | CHALK correspondent 

“Hereditary” is easily one of the most hyped horror movies of the last few years, and for good reason. The shocking build-up will give you chills, and the movie has the perfect balance of jump scares and psychological suspense. It’s also perfectly written and shot, which is part of why director Ari Aster has been propelled to stardom among horror filmmakers. It’s the scariest movie on this list, so if you’re looking for a good Halloween spook, I guarantee you won’t regret the watch.

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