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Do this: CHALK's guide to picture posing for one

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Picture posing for one

Looking to spice up your Instagram or just take some time for yourself? Here is CHALK's guide to picture posing for one. 

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

Research has shown that taking a photo of yourself can boost confidence; however, it can be a struggle to know how to pose by yourself. To eliminate some awkwardness, we’ve got five practical ideas for taking photos by yourself. These are perfect for Instagram or just for fun.

Check out the UDK's TikTok for a visual guide as well as other videos.

1. Use a prop

Oftentimes knowing where to put your hands is tricky, so an easy fix is to add a prop. Food is an ideal prop if it’s convenient for you: ice cream and coffee are my go-to's. If that’s not available, hold the straps on a bag or a backpack. The key here is to use what you have to give your hands a home. 

Picture posing 1

Unsure of what to do with your hands? Use a prop to give them something to do. 

2. Incorporate movement

This may feel a bit unnatural, but I promise they make for some of the best photos. Walk towards the camera, maybe laugh a little. I know, it sounds silly, but you have to just try it. Exaggerate your arms and legs when you walk to maximize your photos.

Picture posing 2

Instead of standing still, get your body moving to capture a fun shot.

3. Capture your outfit

If you are looking to spice up your Instagram feed, a shot of your outfit can do just the trick. Try taking a horizontal photo of your outfit and throw up a peace sign or grab onto your shirt. (This idea is easier to visualize with the example photo.)

Picture posing 3

Wearing a cute fit? Use a selfie to capture your outfit of the day.

4. Play with your hair

Another great way to get moving and still look natural is to play with your hair. You could even get fancy with it and try a hair flip if that’s your vibe.

Picture posing 4

Playing with your hair, or even just putting your hands by your face can give your hands something to do while taking your photos.

5. Pose in the mirror

Ah, yes. The notorious mirror pics. For me, these are the most awkward, so try kicking up one leg or squat down instead of simply standing.

Pro tip: If you have trouble with your hand shaking when you take mirror pics like me, try setting a timer so you don’t have to press the button.

Picture posing 5

If posing in the mirror is difficult for you, shake it up by trying out a new pose or setting a self-timer.

It’s cheesy, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. The takeaway here is to have fun and boost your confidence while you are taking these pictures. 

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